The caudal abdomen. Small animal surgery
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The caudal abdomen. Small animal surgery

Step-by-step guide to caudal abdomen surgeries with photos, diagrams, and real clinical cases. Essential for veterinarians and surgery students.

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This publication explains step by step how to approach and carry out caudal abdomen surgeries, by means of photos, diagrams and real clinical cases. Real clinical cases are described, showing the most appropriate surgeries for each one of them. Essential both for practicing professionals and students of veterinary surgery.


Inguinal hernias

Case 1 / Extra-abdominal pregnancy. Ovariohysterectomy

Case 2 / Repairing the inguinal hernia using a polypropylene mesh

Traumatic hernias

Closed traumatic hernia

Open traumatic hernia. Evisceration


Prostatic hypertrophy

Prostatic and paraprostatic cysts

Prostatitis. Prostatic abscesses

Prostatic tumours


Bladder uroliths

A single urolith in a female dog

Multiple uroliths in a male dog with urethral obstruction

Mixed struvite / oxalate urolithiasis

Cystine calculi in a cat

Bladder tumours

Papillomatosis. Partial cystectomy

Leiomyosarcoma. Radical cystectomy

Bladder reconstruction

Ruptured bladder due to a car accident

Ruptured bladder due to a high-rise fall (cat)

Ruptured bladder due to urethral catheterisation and hydropropulsion

Ruptured bladder. Iatrogenic cause

Resection and reconstruction.



Hydroureter. Iatrogenic stenosis

Case 1 / Iatrogenic periureteral fibrosis

Case 2 / Periureteral fibrosis. Ureteral resection and end-to-end anastomosis

Ectopic ureters

Intramural ectopic ureter. Ureterocystostomy

Case 1 / Intramural ectopic ureter

Extramural ectopic ureter.


Case 1 / Extramural ectopic ureter



Caesarean section

Case 1 / Caesarean section in a Bulldog bitch. Hysterotomy

Case 2 / Caesarean section in a case of foetal death. Hysterotomy

Case 3 / Caesarean section in a case of foetal death. Ovariohysterectomy

Pyometra / Cystic endometrial hyperplasia

Case 1 / Pyometra

Case 2 / Pyometra / peritonitis

Uterine neoplasia

Case 1 / Leiomyoma

Large intestine

General principles



Case 1 / Coprostasis. Obstipation

Stenosis, neoplasias of the colon and rectum

Case 1 / Rectal traction / eversion technique

Case 2 / Transanal resection of the rectum

Case 3 / Colectomy

Case 4 / Rectal stenosis. Stent placement

Small intestine

General principles



Enterectomy. Stapling

Foreign bodies

Non-linear foreign bodies

Case 1 / Intestinal obstruction due to a peach stone

Case 2 / Intestinal obstruction due to a stone

Linear foreign bodies

Case 1 / Obstruction due to an elastic net

Case 2 / Linear obstruction with multiple intestinal perforations

Case 3 / Linear obstruction due to a sock

Intestinal intussusception

Case 1 / Intussusception secondary to parasitic enteritis

Case 2 / Intussusception secondary to an idiopathic digestive disorder

Intestinal volvulus. Mesenteric torsion

Intestinal neoplasia

Case 1 / Acinar adenocarcinoma

Case 2 / Leiomyosarcoma

Abnormal bowel position

Case 1 / Peritoneal-pericardial hernia

Case 2 / Perforated umbilical hernia

Case 3 / Intestinal strangulation

General techniques

Radiographic examination of the abdomen

Abdominal ultrasonography

Introduction to diagnostic ultrasonography

Ultrasonography of the urinary tract

Ultrasonography of the reproductive tract

Ultrasonography of the digestive tract

Ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsies

Diagnostic cytology

Abdominal paracentesis, peritoneal lavage and dialysis

Percutaneous bladder catheterisation




Ovariohysterectomy in the dog

Ovariohysterectomy in the cat

Ovariohysterectomy in the ferret




Force-feeding. Gastrostomy tube

General complications

Postoperative complications of laparotomy

Incisional hernia / Wound breakdown

Adhesions. Peritonitis. Abscesses

Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

Ischaemic / reperfusion syndrome

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