Diagnosis of alopecia in dogs and cats
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Diagnosis of alopecia in dogs and cats

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Alopecia in pets is a common reason for consultation. As all conditions affecting the skin, hair loss is usually striking and causes discomfort to pet owners, not only due to cosmetic reasons but also due to the consequences on their pets health. This book is intended as a highly visual guide on how to diagnose alopecia in dogs and cats, in a structured and methodical manner, based on the distribution pattern and lesions. The large number of images, diagrams, tables and drawings, coupled with clear and practical descriptions, will allow readers to make the most of this work in day-to-day dermatology consultations.

Ana María Ríos Boeta

Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid. Doctor of Veterinary Sciences and Masters in Research Methodology in Health Sciences from Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio. Accredited in Dermatology by AVEPA (Spanish Association of Small Animal Specialists) and recipient of a Masters in Dermatology from the ESAVS (European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies).
Coordinator of the Medicine and Surgery Service and Head of Dermatology in the Small Animal Unit, Veterinary Hospital of the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid).
Ana Maria Ríos is a full member of the ESVD (European Society of Veterinary Dermatology), a founding member of GEDA (Specialist Dermatology Group of AVEPA), and has been a board member of AVEPA and president of the GEDA. She has also served as director of the scientific committee of AMVAC (Association of Companion Animal Veterinary Medicine, Madrid).

1. Hair cycle and structure of the pilosebaceous unit in carnivores
Anatomical segments and follicular structure
Hair cycle
Haircoat colour and type in dogs
Haircoat colour and type in cats
2. Diagnostic methods. Microscopic examination of hair
Normal hair
Changes in hair composition and structure
Infectious and parasitic agents
Skin biopsy in alopecia
Definition of clinical and histopathological lesions in cases of alopecia
3. Diagnostic approach based on clinical signs
Inflammatory focal and multifocal alopecia in dogs
Generalised or diffuse noninflammatory alopecia in dogs
Focal and multifocal alopecia in cats
Symmetrical alopecia in cats
4. Focal and multifocal inflammatory alopecia in dogs
Focal and multifocal alopecia in dogs
Focal and multifocal inflammatory alopecia of parasitic or infectious origin
Focal and multifocal inflammatory alopecia of autoimmune origin
Traumatic focal or multifocal inflammatory alopecia
Focal or multifocal inflammatory alopecia of vascular origin
Neoplastic focal and multifocal inflammatory alopecia
Focal and multifocal inflammatory alopecia of nutritional origin
5. Focal and multifocal noninflammatory alopecia in dogs
Hair cycle disorders
Follicular destruction
Keratinisation defects
Follicular dysplasia and other hereditary forms of alopecia
Alopecia due to malnutrition
Excessive shedding
6. Generalised noninflammatory alopecia in dogs
Congenital and hereditary alopecia
7. Self-induced alopecia in feline species
Alopecia in cats
Self-induced alopecia caused by pruritus
Self-induced alopecia caused by behavioural disorders
8. Spontaneous focal, multifocal, or diffuse alopecia in cats
Alopecia due to follicular inflammation
Congenital, atrophic, degenerative, and neoplastic processes and hair cycle disorders
Appendix: Practical notes on canine and feline alopecia
Classification of alopecia in dogs
Inflammatory alopecia in dogs: diagnostic clues
Noninflammatory alopecia in dogs: diagnostic clues
Diagnostic protocol in dogs
Classification of alopecia in cats
Self-induced alopecia in cats: diagnostic clues
Spontaneous alopecia in cats: diagnostic clues
Diagnostic protocol in cats

  • Autor/es Ana María Ríos Boeta
  • Fecha de edición agosto 2016
  • Nº Páginas 192
  • Encuadernación Tapa dura
  • Tamaño 22 X 28
  • Idioma Inglés

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