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Handbook of Kinesiology

Functional anatomy, Biomechanics, Assessment of joints and muscles

Provides a comprehensive guide to understanding human movement through neurophysiology, biomechanics, and functional anatomy.

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Covering neurophysiology, biomechanics, functional anatomy, joint and muscle evaluation, the Handbook of Kinesiology is a concise and exhaustive guide to understand the human movement. In particular, it provides the essential elements to evaluate the mobility of all joints and the strength of the main muscles. The book is divided into chapters on the main districts of the human body, illustrated with over 830 figures and drawings and enriched with numerous tables.

Vincenzo Pirola

Surgeon specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation 

  • Autor/es Vincenzo Pirola
  • Fecha de edición febrero 2024
  • Nº Páginas 704
  • Tamaño 15 X 21
  • Idioma Inglés

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