Digestive Diseases
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Digestive Diseases

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The volume, thought for the students who attend the classes of Gastroenterology in the different integrated courses of the Medicine and Surgery degree has been updated and enriched by the Gastroenterology academics to offer a user-friendly tool, always in line with the most recent research and pedagogical methodologies.

The volume is composed of 51 chapters, organized in 6 sections.

- The first section (chapters 1-4) presents introductory topics, with a special focus on nutrition, malnutrition, microbiota and gastrointestinal hormones;

- The second section (chapters 5-14) discusses oesophagus, stomach and duodenum diseases;

- The third section (chapters 15-26) is about small bowel and colon diseases.

- The fourth section (chapters 27-38) focuses on liver diseases;

- The fifth section (chapters 39-48) is centred around the biliary tracts and pancreas diseases;

- The sixth section (chapters 49-51) discusses the emergencies in Gastroenterology.

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