Predictable Prosthesis On Implants, Key points and techniques
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Predictable Prosthesis On Implants, Key points and techniques

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The aim of this new book is to inform readers of our knowledge and experience in making prosthesis on implants, applying the principles of an excellent hermetic seal, good emergence profiles and the right design for the occlusal surface, all fundamental concepts for successful treatment.

Throughout the book, we will talk about the importance of the surfac es, not only of the implants, but also of the prosthetic components and how to handle them appropriately, both in the clinic and in the lab. We highlight the concept that we have called Bioblock, developed within our team and that I believe will lead the way to the future of the prosthesis on implants using the CAD-CAM technology.

Dr. Eduardo Anitua Aldecoa

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery - Specialising in Stomatology

Private practice dedicated to Research and Training

Implantology and Oral Restoration


Biomechanics: Essential concepts

Bioblock®: Biological and biomechanical concept

Single unit and multiple prosthesis

Screw-retained prosthesis vs cemented-retained prosthesis

Single unit screw- retained prosthesis with Unit® transepithelial abutment

Single unit prosthesis screw-retained directly on the implant using an aesthetic abutment

Multiple screw-retained prosthesis with Multi-Im® transepithelial abutment

Cement-retained Prosthesis

Full mouth rehabilitation

Harmonising the screw-retained prosthesis

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  • Fecha de edición enero 2018
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