Vet Topics. Navicular Disease
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Vet Topics. Navicular Disease

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This work provides an update on the existing knowledge about navicular disease. It offers abundant information on the clinical findings that can be obtained using the different diagnostic tests, as well as on the therapeutic approaches indicated for the different conditions associated with the disease, and which in many cases make it possible to successfully prolong the sports life of affected horses.

Pablo Adrados De Llano

He is a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and has served as Chairman of the Spanish Association of Equine Clinical Veterinarians (AEVEE).

Álvaro Vázquez-Goyoaga

He is specialised and has extensive experience in equine clinical practice, and has worked in all equine sports disciplines. He has been a university lecturer since his early days 30 years ago, and is a founding partner of EQUISAN Veterinaria Integral.

Raquel Gómez-Lucas

She has been working at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Alfonso X el Sabio University (Madrid) for over a decade, specialised in the field of Sports Medicine and Imaging Diagnosis. She supervises the Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for horses of this institution.

1. Definition

2. Anatomical Review

3. Aetiopathogenesis

Proximal margin

Distal margin

Flexor surface

Bone structure

4. Clinical Signs

5. Diagnosis

Diagnostic anaesthesia

Imaging diagnosis



Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


Computed tomography (CT)


6. Treatment

Orthopaedic treatment

Medical treatment

Nonsteroidal anti-in ammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Intrasynovial medication


Anticoagulant therapy



Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)

Surgical treatment

Palmar digital neurectomy

Desmotomy of the suspensory ligaments of the navicular bone

7. References

  • Autor/es Pablo Adrados de Llano, Raquel Gómez Lucas, Álvaro Vázquez Goyoaga
  • Fecha de edición octubre 2019
  • Nº Páginas 40
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  • Tamaño 17 X 24
  • Idioma Inglés