Essential guides on swine health and production. Control of swine salmonellosis
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Essential guides on swine health and production. Control of swine salmonellosis

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This handbook aims to be a useful and practical tool for pig production companies and vets who have to tackle digestive diseases in piglets in their first few days of life. It includes chapters on the physiology and immunity of the piglet gastrointestinal tract, and the causes, diagnosis, and control strategies those that are currently available and alternatives that will soon be developed for the main agents that cause neonatal diarrhoea in pigs. The contents are the result of the joint work of renowned specialists with many years experience in enteric diseases in pigs.

Raúl C. Mainar Jaime

PhD in veterinary medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid (1995), he earned a diploma de facto at the National Public Health School in 2004. He has worked as researcher and professor at the universities of California (1996-1998), León (1998-2002) and Saskatchewan, Canada (2002-2006), as well as at the Research and Food Technology Centre (CITA) of the government of Aragón (2006-2012).

He currently performs his educational work at the microbiology and immunology unit at the Veterinary School of the University of Zaragoza. He is specialised in veterinary epidemiology and is particularly interested in the study of the zoonotic diseases transmission in field conditions. He has participated in more than a dozen of research projects being the main investigator in half of them, as has written more than 30 peer-reviewed articles in international journals as well as many outreach articles for national journals. In the last years he has focused his research activity in the study of the infection dynamics and control of swine salmonellosis in farms. He has also developed works on the serological and microbiological tests precision to diagnose brucellosis, toxoplasmosis and salmonellosis. He has been director of three PhD theses and is currently directing two more.

Eva Creus

Graduated in veterinary medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, UAB (2002) and PhD in 2007 at the same university. She completed her thesis in the study of strategies to control Salmonella spp. in the swine production chain, a research field she has been dedicated to for more than ten years through her own consulting and teaching practice.

Her experience -both scientific and technical- about swine salmonellosis, and her knowledge of the swine sector has taken her to participate as speaker in many congresses and technical workshops, to publish more than 20 outreach articles on the topic and to organise numerous training courses for veterinary surgeons and producers. She has actively collaborated with various national universities and research centers in research projects related to the study of feeding strategies to control this infection in swine. She has also participated with many working groups in the sector with the goal to know the levels of prevalence and risk factors of Salmonella spp. in swine facilities in Spain and to design effective control programmes of the infection both regional and nationally.

1. Infection in pigs: characteristics and importance

Characteristics of the genus Salmonella spp.

Characteristics of the infection by Salmonella spp. in swine

2. Methods of diagnosis

Bacterial culture


Molecular methods


3. Role of animal feeding

Hygiene of feedstocks: importance, risk factors and control measures

Feeding practices to control infection

4. Epidemiology and control of infection in swine herds

Epidemiology and risk factors

Dynamics and transmission of infection

Control measures

5. Transport and slaughter

Control of Salmonella spp. in further stages to farm

Characteristics and risk factors to Salmonella spp. contamination at slaughter

Control measures

6. Development of control plans in a productive structure

Difficulties in Salmonella spp. control

Stage 1: Design

Stage 2: Implementation

Stage 3: Evaluation

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