Swine Disorders guide
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Swine Disorders guide

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This guide is a collection of key data and practical recommendations that turn it into a reference handbook for pig farmers, technicians and workers on swine operations. With the help of the tables and diagrams included in this guide, the people in charge of caring for pigs will be able to search for the standard parameters relating to production, pig flow and the main clinical signs of swine diseases. In addition, the control lists may be used as a starting point for the identification of disease outbreaks on pig production and breeding farms. All this information is completed with recommendations from John Carr, an international swine consultant.

Dr. John Carr

John started learning the ropes about pigs at the age of 11. He qualified as a veterinarian in 1982 by the University of Liverpool. After 5 years in general practice he returned to university to complete a Leverhulme residency in pigs and a PhD in urinary tract problems of pigs at Liverpool, where he specialized in microbiology and pathology.

He has taught production medicine to veterinarians and farmers throughout the world through positions at several universities in the UK -Liverpool and Royal Veterinary College, London, and in the US -North Carolina and Iowa State- and in Western Australia at Murdoch. John runs a consultancy practice with clients in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. John specialises in maintaining the health of pigs through promoting excellence in stockmanship and production practices while controlling the cost of production. He has published several books and more than 200 refereed and non refereed articles.

1. Reproduction issues

Enhancing litter size

Courtship sequence

Signs of oestrus

Reasons for missed heats

Analysis of the farrowing rate

Pregnancy diagnosis

Foetal age estimation

Weaning to breeding interval

2nd litter size drop

Breeding calendar

Pig flow idealised

2. Disorders of the pig

Clinical signs for stockpeople

What are the major clinical signs?

Health alarm list

Compromised pig decision tree

Euthanasia methods

Disorders of pigs with age

Checklist for the farrowing area – indoors

Checklist for the farrowing area – outdoors

Checklist for the nursery

Checklists for the grow/finish area

Checklist for the breeding/gestation area

Notifiable diseases

Zoonotic diseases

Protocol to follow if you suspect an exotic disease

3. General ideas

Tail biting and other vices

Pre-weaning Scour protocols

Post-weaning scour protocols

Meningitis – Streptococcus suis investigation

Post-weaning feeding enhancement

APP – Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae investigation

Gilt litters vs. sow litter expectations


Enhancing piglet weaning weights

Forward fostering routines

Nursery patterns and consequences

Factors affecting the yield of pig meat

What is a P2 measurement

Dead weight to live weight conversion

Carbon footprint

Manager’s weekly report

Manager’s timetable

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