Atrophic jaws rehabilitation using tilted implants: minimal invasive approach
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Atrophic jaws rehabilitation using tilted implants: minimal invasive approach

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Implant-prosthetic rehabilitations of immediate jaws represent a therapeutic possibility with a high success rate and satisfaction for the surgeon and the patient. However, the anatomy of the jaws, periodontal and iatrogenic damages represent limitations to the conventional rehabilitations of edentulous patients and with serious damage of the residual dental elements that would require preimplant bone regeneration treatments. These methods are to be considered for patients with a high biological and economic cost, with high morbility and LINKED TO THE OPERATOR EXPERIENCE For these reasons, the current implant guidelines focus on clinical protocols that used the residual basal bone without the need for any kind of regeneration. These methods, well supported by scientific data, provide for an immediate restoration of the function by positioning implants with immediate loading. The 'All on Four' protocol requires the placement of four implants, two anterior 'straight' and two tilted posterior ones placed in the basal bone of the jaws. The reduced number of implant rehabilitations, whether they are inclined or not, are proved by numerous scientific studies showing that four implants are sufficient to support a full-arch prosthesis. Since the immediate loading of tilted and axial implants with placement of an immediate provisional prosthesis is proposed as a predictable, fast and cheap method to treat maxillary atrophy.


Adjunct Professor and tutor at the San Raffaele University of Milan. He is a Scientific Advisor to the Dental Clinic at the Department of IRCCS San Raffaele in Milan

The purpose of this course is to present an alternative tecnique to normal sinusl lift in the upper jaw and bone graft in the mandible with minimal invasive approach to reduce biological costs , without bone regeneration with immediate loading , immediate aesthetic and immediate function.

  • Tipo de curso Webseminars on demand
  • Duración 90 min.
  • Idioma Inglés