Atlas of ovine parasitology
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Atlas of ovine parasitology

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Servet presents this atlas exclusively dedicated to the most important parasites and parasitoses of sheep. It is an eminently practical publication, with numerous images that help to identify parasites and understand their biological cycles. It includes a chapter on the key diagnostic techniques used to identify adult parasites, eggs and larvae.

Felix Valcarcel

Félix Valcárcel Sancho is a graduate in Veterinary Science from the Complutense University of Madrid (1987) and a doctor in Veterinary Science from the University of Leon (1992). For almost 20 years he has conducted research in the field of parasitic diseases, principally gastroenteritis and ectoparasites of small ruminants, working as a researcher for the Department of Agriculture of the Autonomous Community of Castilla la Mancha. He has been the principal researcher and collaborator in numerous research pro-jects in this discipline, having made important contributions to the sector, vouched for by the numerous articles that have been published in journals both nationally and internationally. Of particular note is his informative work in the form of scientific monographs intended for veterinary clinicians. He is currently professor of Parasitic Diseases, Parasitology and Zoonoses at the University Alfonso X El Sabio where he continues both his role of researcher and his informative work.

Francisco A. Rojo

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
Professor of Parasitic Diseases
Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Leon
Deputy Director General of Research
and Technology
National Institute of Research and Agrarian
& Food Technology (INIA)
Ministry of Science and Innovation

Sonia Olmeda

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Full Professor at the Department
of Animal Health
Faculty of Veterinary Science
Complutense University of Madrid

1. Diagnostic techniques

Faecal samples
Blood samples
Skin samples
The viscera
Samples from the environment
In vivo sampling
Coprological analysis
Description of the main parasitic forms
eliminated in the faeces of small ruminants
Coproculture technique
Skin analysis
Direct collection of ectoparasites
Dermis scraping
Blood test
Blood smear
Morphology of the main blood parasites
of small ruminants
Collection of ticks from the environment
The drag method used for collecting ticks
Pasture collection method to obtain infective
larvae of Trichostrongylidea
Postmortem analysis: necropsy
Individual processing of the different organs
and systems
Recovery of helminths from the contents
Preparation, washing, fixation
and/or mounting
Key to classification at genus level
Location of other ovine endoparasites
(except adult helminths found in the viscera)

2. Protozoa

Taxonomic framework
Life cycles
Digestive protozoa
Haematic protozoa
Digestive protozoa
Cryptosporidium parvum
Eimeria spp.
Giardia intestinalis (lamblia or duodenalis)
Haematic protozoa
Tissular protozoa
Toxoplasma gondii

3. Trematodes

Taxonomic framework
Life cycles
Dicrocoelium dendriticum
Endogenous phase
Exogenous phase
Fasciola hepatica
Exogenous phase
Endogenous phase
Fasciola hepatica
Dicrocoelium dendriticum
Paramphistomum cervi
Schistosoma bovis

  • Autor/es Félix Valcárcel Sancho, Ángeles Sonia Olmeda García
  • Fecha de edición enero 2013
  • Nº Páginas 152
  • Encuadernación Tapa dura
  • Tamaño 22 X 28
  • Idioma Inglés

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