Libros de Temas generales

Los temas que todo especialista en odontología debe conocer están aquí. Descubre una gran variedad de temas de interés general para odontólogos en esta sección de libros sobre odontología. Desde los fundamentos teóricos hasta los temas de mayor interés en la actualidad. Estos libros son esenciales para cualquier profesional que busque una comprensión integral de la odontología moderna.

Tooth or Implant
The recovery or replacement of the severely compromised natural tooth
This text aims to equip readers with tools for informed decision-making regarding preserving natural teeth or replacing them, including with osseointegrated implants. It covers complex endodontic retreatments and surgical interventions, along with prosthetic-orthodontic solutions like autotransplantation. 
With the collaboration of Renato Cocconi.
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Dentist and Patient
Dental Procedures Explained To The Patient
This book enhances dentist-patient communication, crucial for treatment plan acceptance and adherence. It offers a primer on tooth anatomy and explains key dental procedures such as implantology, periodontics, and endodontics. The focus is on ensuring patients grasp complex treatments amidst information overload, thereby improving therapeutic outcomes.
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Cosmetic Injectables and Therapeutics
The ultimate guide for the Dental office
Comprehensive guide for smile designers, offering minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Enhance patient satisfaction and practice growth.
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The Vertical Dimension in prosthesis and orthognathodontics
Understanding the Vertical Dimension is crucial for occlusal reconstruction and overall oral rehabilitation. This book presents practical concepts applicable to various dental procedures.
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