7 keys to successfully running a veterinary practice
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7 keys to successfully running a veterinary practice

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This book explains the seven key aspects necessary to successfully run a veterinary practice. This include, among others, working with objectives, discovering your values and making the most of them, managing conflicts or leading properly the team. The author has reached an enjoyable and practical book with the help of numerous examples taken from real life and advices based on his own experience. At the end of each chapter exercices are included to help readers to put the knowledge acquired into practice.

Miguel Ángel Díaz Sánchez

Miguel Ángel Díaz graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in 1990. He is also a diplomate of the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies in Internal Medicine in Utrecht, and an advanced AO diplomate in Orthopaedics and Traumatology. He is a pioneer in the use of CO2 laser.
He has been the owner and manager of the Díaz de la Cebosa veterinary practice since 1992. Miguel Ángel is an executive coach certified by the Center for Executive Coaching (USA). He works as an executive and team coach. He is also a certified coach by the International Coaching Community (ICC) and a trainer certified by Bono Thinking Systems in the Six Thinking Hats method. More than fourteen years ago, Miguel Ángel started to use coaching in his practice as a means to bring balance to his life, improve his leadership skills and build his team’s skills. Since 2009 he has been offering his services as an executive and team coach to veterinary professionals through his company New Way Coaching (www.newwaycoaching.es). Miguel Ángel works with companies and directors who feel overwhelmed by their daily duties and want to enhance their leadership, achieve better results, improve and strengthen the relationships with their teams, and to enjoy doing it. From experience, he knows the positive impact of implementing the methods and tools that he provides to his clients, as he is the owner of a veterinary practice in which he has been leading teams for 25 years.
This, in combination with his knowledge as a coach and the hundreds of hours of experience acquired through his coaching sessions, has allowed him to specialise in coaching veterinary professionals and provide highly valuable knowledge.
He acts as a consultant to directors and their teams on a regular basis, and also gives conferences, seminars and workshops, both throughout Spain and at international congresses. He has been a speaker at a multitude of symposiums in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Toledo, Guadalajara, etc.) and abroad (Russia, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Turkey), in which he has talked about the impact of coaching on companies with improved results and strengthened relationships. He is the author of numerous articles about leadership and coaching and their use in companies. His clients are from a wide variety of fields such as logistics, fashion, interior design, business, finances, marketing, consulting, teaching, technology, veterinary medicine, etc.

KEY 1: The power of working with objectives
Your objectives as a journey: decide on a starting point and destination
SMART objectives
The success sequence: long-, medium- and short-term objectives
Objectives versus expectations
Leverage points
The “Nemo” effect
Action plans
Key points

KEY 2: Discover your values. Use them as a support to build the life you want to live
The importance of values
Discover your values
The crisis of values
Living in accordance with your values
Achieving inner peace
Key points

KEY 3: Limiting and driving beliefs. Question your beliefs regarding what is possible and impossible
Beliefs and the “Narnia” effect
Do not be afraid of jumping into the void
Create your own safety cushion
Prepare yourself for a journey across the desert
How to move from theory to practice
Discover the secret of rewards
Key points

KEY 4: Conflicts. Turn them into a source of solutions
Attitudes towards conflict
Types of conflicts
How handle conflicts
Feedback at the right time: the “key moments”
Key points

KEY 5: Inspire trust
Trust yourself
Trust those around you
Admit your mistakes and stay away from arrogance
Show respect
Act responsibly
Make decisions, keep your promises and dare to fail
Key points

KEY 6: The leader’s control panel

  • Autor/es Miguel Ángel Díaz Sánchez
  • Fecha de edición marzo 2016
  • Nº Páginas 150
  • Encuadernación Tapa dura
  • Tamaño 19 X 19
  • Idioma Inglés

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