Solutions. Adhesive restoration techniques restorative and integrated surgical procedures. Posterior
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Solutions. Adhesive restoration techniques restorative and integrated surgical procedures.

Discusses reconstructive techniques for posterior teeth in two volumes, covering pathogenesis, diagnosis, materials, instruments, and innovative approaches for direct and indirect adhesive methods. It includes detailed clinical cases and access to instructional videos for comprehensive learning.

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The book deals with the reconstruction of posterior teeth with direct and indirect adhesive techniques and consist of two volumes. The first volume describes pathogenesis and diagnosis of the main diseases, the composite and adhesive materials, the instruments required and illustrates direct adhesive techniques in an innovative manner, analysing all the possible restorative solutions with different approaches to deal with issues related to small, medium and large carious lesions. The second volume deals with indirect techniques, defining the current indications but also describing the Morphology Driven Preparation Technique (MDPT), an innovative cavity design applicable to all types of conventional adhesively cemented estorations. An essential added value are all the procedures to treat sub-gingival lesions tackled with restorative methods integrated with surgical procedures related to caries, fractures, cervical root resorption. The two volumes include almost 3000 images and 70 clinical cases described “step-by-step” with several high quality and detailed figures. Besides, through QR codes or at it is possible to access to Full HD videos of the direct restorations and the surgical and restorative procedures combined.

Marco Veneziani

Dentist, private practice in Vigolzone (PC), contract professor at the University of Pavia (from 2007 to 2011 in Conservative Dentistry and from 2019 to 2021 in Periodontology), contract professor at the Postgraduate Master’s in Restoration.

  • Autor/es Marco Veneziani
  • Fecha de edición enero 2022
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