M_Concept -The revolutionary dental management model 1st edition
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M_Concept -The revolutionary dental management model 1st edition

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Have you ever wondered what factors make a dental office successful? M_Concept is a unique management model developed by MBA dental®. It is based on the differentiation of dental offices, through excellence and innovation. In this book, you will take a journey with the author, Dr. Laura San Martín, her team, and people who will inspire you, through the fundamentals guiding you towards a more efficient dentistry.

Laura San Martín

Director and founder of SOHO dental®, SOHO Academy®, MBA dental® and BŌ&BÚ.

1. STRATEGY_What you should know before starting

Strategy is a pattern in a stream of decisions

Building a solid foundation: MVV

Your dental clinic´s strategic diagnosis

The CANVAS model in dentistry: your

Business Model in one step

The Decalogue of Success: The 10 Keys to the M_CONCEPT Model

2. DIFFERENTIATION_Effective communication in dentistry Everything is marketing

Communication strategies in dentistry

The value proposition

Patient Centric Model: patient focus

Satisfaction and loyalty

Your most valuable intangible asset: your personal brand.

Marketing plan for your dental clinic

3. ANALYSIS_The importance of measurement

What is not measured is not improved

The importance of measurement

The Golden Triangle: internal and external analysis of your dental practice

Finance for non-financiers

Pricing and treatment margins

Key indicators in the dental clinic: Key Performance

Indicators (KPIs)

Profitability and productivity of the dental practice

4. CORE_Your dental clinic’s greatest asset

It’s all about teamwork

Corporate culture

Leadership in dentistry

Team satisfaction: motivation and engagement


Organization chart

Self-management: area for personal growth

5. INNOVATION_The key to progress Innovating is thinking differently

Innovation process in the dental clinic

Innovation in the management model

Innovation in the patient experience

Technological innovation

Investment and ROI (Return on Investment) for innovation

6. EXCELLENCE_A new way of understanding dentistry

Excellence is in everything you do

Excellence is an attitude

The quality formula

Patient journey

The quality method

Continuous improvement cycle

  • Autor/es Laura San Martín
  • Fecha de edición octubre 2022
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