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EFP. Esthetics Function Posture

Discover the intricate link between occlusion and posture in dentistry, supported by clinical images and comprehensive insights. Explore treatments for postural syndrome across dentistry branches, emphasizing patient balance.

With the collaboration of Stefano Mastroberardino.

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The modern approach to the patient can no longer ignore a comprehensive view of the human body, in which each part is connected to the others and where they mutually influence each other. This work shows the anatomical connections that unequivocally demonstrate the relationships between occlusion and posture. Hundreds of clinical images allow the reader to understand all aspects of treating patients with postural syndrome, from developing the treatment plan to follow-up checks over time. Since the topic of posture involves all branches of dentistry, cases of restorative dentistry, prosthetics on natural teeth and implants, fixed and functional orthodontics are presented, all with the perspective of achieving patient postural balance. The comparison between new and old adhesive materials aims to illustrate which materials or techniques are more effective, from an occlusal and esthetic standpoint, based on the specific issue being addressed.

Lorenzo Vanini

Dentist, active member of the Italian Academy of Conservative Dentistry (AIC) and the Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry. Private Practice, Chiasso (Swiss)

Camillo D'Arcangelo

Full Professor. Director of the Department of Medical, Oral, and Biotechnological Sciences at the University of Chieti-Pescara

Stefano Mastroberardino (collaborator)

  • Autor/es Camillo D'Arcangelo, Lorenzo Vanini
  • Fecha de edición marzo 2024
  • Nº Páginas 880
  • Encuadernación Tapa dura
  • Tamaño 21'6 X 28
  • Idioma Inglés
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